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Erlira Latifi, born 1990 in Prishtina, Kosovo, grew up in Frankfurt, Germany and lives in Peniche, Portugal now. She is a multimedia Artist, coming from an architectual background.
Her work is informed by her travels, interests in personal and social freedom. Born to a family of engineers, her
own creative trajectory has been informed by questions of tradition and order in contrast to novelty and expressivity. Embodied practices such as dance and surfing have deeply informed her own practice, whereby
she appreciates movement as conduit to affect and imagination towards manifestation. In her work, Latifi seeks to render ‘dead values‘ such as patriotism, capitalism, patriarchy, sexism, racism, misogyny and any kind of opression. She believes that diversity is the key to a healthy life for all existence. Her approach is rooted in natural human values, her inspiration is life and love whereout she is working on a Philosophy  ‘the diverse natural self‘ which is the root of all her creations. Using simple material like paper and carton, partly reused and upcycled from leftovers or the trash to create unique Artcrafts and Art Collages.


video by Alissa Waldo


`The natural diverse self´

I believe that we are more diverse then we think we are. Possibily we haven´t found channels for our all Diversity. I believe in the richness of Diversity and therefore in the power of it. A wider range of skills and interests will hopefully and naturally open up our minds and will lead us to connect more with our context. A place where we might share the same interest or skill and grow together. Our given talents might be leading us to our individual paths and how we can serve each other at the end. The Source of good energy is love, regardless of the pain. 

Self-Love is the root of love for all existence and therefore the fundamental base for Next-Love. Love will unite us with ourselves and with everyone and everything else existing with us here and now.

Human life is in the universal time scale just a moment and every human moment that has been given to us is filled naturally with beauty. It seems like we can´t handle this beautiful Mother Nature. Overwhelmingly beautiful and perfect within her imperfection. Just like us. A natural unique and perfect wholeness as a moving temple.
A natural machine. We can programm ourselves just by thinking. Nothing more needed. Life is simple and everything is already here with us.  
I believe the world is unique in this Universe and again just as the fact that we are unique on earth. All this human potential of each individual being. I want to point out the importance and richness of each unique being. I also believe that ingenuity is within each of us, but it can come out only if we can be save and free. Education is important because it forms our thoughts and therefore actions.  What we tell each other and how. What we tell ourselves and how, makes the world how it is or will be. 

The Duality of life is consitent present in our existence, but the wholeness comes in circular. The high and the low, the fast and the slow, the masculin and the feminin. Without balancing the Duality out, we will fall.
I think we are falling.

I love to stand for, with and in love.

Unity for Humanity

Unity in Diversity


video by Alissa Waldo


I am always open for any kind of collaboration or any question, just drop me an E-Mail or contact me via Instagram.

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