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Studio Latifi is a space where traditional meets contemporary. Always seeking nurturing Local Collaborations, to build Community, connect and share our diverse talents and perspectives in order to grow together. 


Studio Latifi proudly present "connecting community," a captivating booklet celebrating the diverse talents of local makers who bring a unique vibrancy to our community in baleal & ferrel.  A booklet to take and explore. 
It can be found in local shops and guesthouses.


Building Community thru thought-provoking conversations that explore the multifaceted nature of local creativity. From the challenges faced by artisans to the inspiring stories behind their work, these discussions provide a platform to share experiences and perspectives and to grow together.


Happens once a month. Stay tuned for announcements regarding specific dates and themes.

Symbiosis_7 - Kopie.jpg


The  vision is rooted in the belief that growth is a collective journey, and meaningful dialogue is the catalyst that propels us forward. We envision a community where individuals, ideas, and creativity flourish through open and collaborative conversations.



While there may be no current exhibition on display, the spirit of creativity continues to thrive within the studio

stay tuned for upcoming events

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